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Outdoor media advertising

With the advent of the digital age, various forms of new media continue to emerge in the advertising market, liquid crystal media is a new form of outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising with its low price, high to the short-term rates and a good rate of return, increasing by more users. In addition, the "Focus" of the era to the development of liquid crystal media injection of "tonic." All along, the most troublesome than the advertising industry how to improve the advertising machine accuracy of the target audience. In recent years, the rise of various new media and traditional media to re-shuffle and cross-media cooperation, making the value of the media and the surge in prices fission, and advertising media, advertisers face the origin of the potential, there is also a challenge for dazzled feeling, they tend to take intensive advertising bombardment, the use of full three-dimensional media for the dissemination of this strategy is sometimes able to do the brand a household name, but for some products, pay big bucks is the price in exchange for There may be a "cannon Da Cangying" result. China's low score all advertising media degree, resulting in a lot of advertising (70% to 80%) consume them in positioning the wrong audience. The liquid crystal media, because of its location in the choice of the time on a "small minority" as the purpose, it can be done in terms of differentiation of highly accurate audience. Focus in the mass marketing to the marketing process of change, the liquid crystal media can make advertising more effective to communicate to target audiences through the post-breakdown. Closer to user needs It can be said to enhance the active attention of consumers is the most important advantages of liquid crystal media. Such as listening to the radio when watching TV, every ad slot on the table; read a newspaper, turn the page of ads directly; the Internet when a pop-up ads immediately press the Close button. This consumer attention and advertising rates will decline in memory, resulting in wasted advertising. LCD advertising machine However, the liquid crystal media as a high-tech products, the dynamic images and vivid colors to attract the active interest of consumers, along with its broadcast time to the target audience groups are generally relatively free boring waiting time, so vast it produces some of the audience will not reverse psychology, but will take the initiative to choose to watch. Data show that the LCD is installed in a building of media audiences population, 74.2% were waiting for the elevator each time this LCD TV are often concerned about the content of broadcast media, in which people see every day to reach 45.9%. LCD TV media ads like this to reach 71% of the audience, the biggest reason is they think the information in the same time accept such ads do not waste their time, waiting time back to dry add some lively atmosphere. Tong-hui good as LCD advertising machine In addition, broadcast media, the form of liquid crystal is very flexible, it can be suited to local conditions and product marketing activities together. For example, in the bottom of the screen to scroll through the subtitles in the form of broadcast promotion of the product in the local situation, so that consumers can effectively reduce the distance between specific products, contributed to their purchase behavior in a short time. From the communication environment, LCD media advertising environment is more simple, which, offices, hotels, supermarkets, high-end residential and other places produced by the organic integration of a closed space is not only greatly reduce the interference of advertising, be more productive semi-mandatory viewing characteristics compared with the frequency of contact with other media, the audience exposed to liquid crystal media day is far higher than the frequency of the frequency of exposure to other media. For advertisers, the liquid crystal media, where they are most attractive is its low cost. Compared with the traditional media, outdoor media, because of its efficient LCD high arrival rate, so thousands of relatively low cost. LCD media appearance in public places, the new media form itself is easy to become a focus of attention. For example, in the streets of Shanghai and other cities to attract the flow of liquid media, a number of curious consumers wait and see, many consumers and even trailing "advertising", carefully looked at the LCD advertising messages on television, so that would effectively lead a group behavior, have wide ripple effect. In addition, liquid crystal media is a small spread of mobile population, its product information to pass easily become the focus of public opinion led to this population and discuss common concerns, contributed to colleagues, family or similar between the groups in consumption point also concerned to make them resonate with the LCD video advertising. Imagine if a white-collar workers in their office watching an advertisement, the statements which have to enjoy Ye Hao, disputes worth mentioning, brand awareness has been on the increase in unconsciously, this "word of mouth "The propagation effects that advertisers can also save a lot of advertising costs under. LCD advertising concepts and features Advertising is the use of standard LCD monitors, LCD televisions, through networking and multimedia systems and other means to achieve control of information display and video advertising a new generation of intelligent devices. Digital, network, information is the multimedia advertising features, multimedia advertising machines are stand-alone and online advertising, stand-alone version of the LCD advertising machine to CF card, SD card, CD, U disk as the storage device supports hotplug, replace the contents of easy and quick. At the same time low cost, suitable for small department stores, services, restaurants and other enterprises. Online advertising machine, you can end a smart player, the player management module for remote management and control, and on the server side to achieve a complete network protocols and remote management and control functions. Can be flexible on the remote terminal management, multimedia playback quality from the bandwidth constraints, the channel from the server limit, you can have as many channels, or even have a separate terminal for each channel. Either player on the hundreds of centralized management, but also may be classified and distributed management partition. Tong-hui good as LCD advertising machine in the mall LCD advertising machine used in outdoor advertising market, mainly used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, public transportation and other industries. Therefore, the LCD advertising machine also has targeted to reach the high, mandatory viewing, city high coverage, low-carbon and environmental protection advantages, advertising display outdoor advertising has become the best platform. Tong-hui good weather as the high brightness LCD outdoor unit, using the 1500 ~ 2200cd/m2 ultra-high brightness LCD display, with temperature control equipment cabinets and an outdoor display patent application TONGHUI assembled. Ultra-high brightness of the LCD product to break the liquid crystal display device is not suitable for limited applications in bright environments. Extraordinary screen brightness, excellent anti-reflection technology, ultra-wide viewing angle and its bright colors, even in strong sunlight, remains an excellent display. Jia Tong-hui, as the company's strong design and manufacture of cabinet structure, the internal temperature and humidity control devices installed, dust protection and so on, the full assurance of the stability of long-running display, Tong-hui good weather as the high brightness LCD has the following characteristics of the outdoor unit: 1. System uses industrial-grade high-definition, liquid crystal display as a display terminal highlight, brightness up to 1500cd/m2 more durable, an average of 5 million hours without failure. 2. In the broadcast control device installed inside the cabinet can be easily and efficiently through the network of facilities and broadcast content management, support LAN, WAN, CDMA and other network models. 3. Touch the device can be installed to make the display more interactive, more interesting, more attractive, better able to achieve the purpose of information transmission and interaction. 4. Installation of infrared / microwave automatic identification system, can detect whether the audience gathered to watch at close range to switch between different playback. Such as: When the screen when no one close in front of advertising, public information, etc.; When the system detects when people stop to watch at close range, the player automatically switches to touch the content of queries or other content. In order to achieve a machine, a machine can result. The current outdoor media, already broke the form of a single type of billboards, there are more new outdoor media. Can be divided into two categories: print and media advertising. Although low-cost print ads, but too restrictive relative, giving the feeling of not natural, and the LCD advertising media advertising, with its clear images, vivid picture, vivid display effect of the main characters stand firmly position. With the number of scientific progress and widely used concept of media integration is also maturing, outdoor media has become the new darling of the advertising industry in the 21st century, its development potential is far higher than traditional television, newspaper and magazine media. Data show that China's outdoor advertising market in 2007 grew by 15% to 2,000 billion yuan, while the benefit from the Beijing Olympic Games to drive the effect, the outdoor advertising market in China in 2008 ushered in a growth peak, a significant increase over 2007 25% reached 245 billion yuan. At present, the amount of outdoor advertising growth of 20% to 30%, and with the improvement of China's urban environment and outdoor advertising in the form of continuous innovation, its growth rate even higher.
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